Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Press the words, PRESS THEM!!!

Anyway, im on wordpress now and i wont be using this blog probably anymore.

So a few things.

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Highschool Girls, all for me!

Highschool Girls full review!

I finally got around to finishing the show, and my BF2 isnt working, so i figured i'd do this now. Albeit, i wont be going into any kind of deep thought like others about it and i watched it completely as an ecchi-comedy with no real meaning and will review it that way. Anyway, this is for an entire series, so ive got lots of screenshots and lots of typing. So its big due to all the screens and i wrote all i could think of...but really this show doesnt have much content to write about.

For starters, Ogawa, Kouda, and Yuma were my favorite characters. Ogawa is like a loli but not, and Kouda and Yuma fall into the usual category of characters i like best. So you'll probably be seeing a lot of them. Shimotakotani or wtfever his name was, was amusing but mainly for the comedy that was born from his relationship with Ayano.

Well the show is basically just a bunch of bullshit. The entire first half of the series and even a few of the last
episodes, are all completely aimed at trying to set some unrecorded record of 'most panty shots and other ecchi things in a short animated series'. I wouldnt be surprised if they really did, because thats about all it is. There is no room for comedy, fun, or much of anything else in 75% of the episodes, because they are so full of panties and overused innuendo. Other then that though, i really like the op and ed of the show, as well as the art in general. When its not too busy trying to be dirty, its a fun show to watch.

Also, apparently one of the writers was lazy a few days and just stole complete jokes from a certain "Azumanga Daioh". In one scene, this girl calls 3 of the main characters Idiots. Character A freaks out, while character B and C stand there looking stupid. Character A then says something along the lines of "why arnt you saying anything?" and they respond "Idiot" and point at Character A. And then Character A goes "idiotS", and they go "ooooh" and start yelling too. Oh i didnt see that exact scene before =/ Also, a few other scenes throughout the show are totally ripped off as well, and usually they are the only jokes worth laughing at during the episodes they are in.

Anyway, i was expecting a semi-ecchi school slice-of-life/comedy and thats not what i got. But i liked the show later on when it cuts down a lot on the panty shots and shitty jokes. Anyway, i liked the art and the character design, and music and stuff, so meh. Oh and "Idol" Odagiri is awesome, he's such an asshat he's probably my favorite character in the little bit that he's in the show. "Yes, im so beautiful...ahhh yes to the side like that. Your so beautiful Odagiri, yes, yes i am" and "It hurts to look so good" bohahaha.

Anyway, Ogawa is a tiny little girl who looks like a loli, but is the same age as everyone else. Yuma is a tomboyish blonde girl who knew Eriko and Ayano from middle school, and the same goes for those two. Kouda is a tomboyish girl with purple hair who knew Himeji and Ogawa from middle school. So basically its two groups of 3, they run into each other while checking out their new school the day before the entrance ceremony. Blah blah.

Now look at lots of pictures! I had way more but its not working so i cut out the majority. Most of the pics i did keep have either Ogawa or Ayano. I love Ogawa, but Ayano was my least favorite character. But theres a lot of pics of her because she was usually the one looking like she was having an orgasm every other scene.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni 17

See, 17 already!

Anyway, the episode starts out and Shion calls Satoshi, Satoshi tells her he's sorry about the other day and that its his fault. During the conversation Satoshi asks "Mion" who is really still Shion, to take Satoko to the Watanagashi with her so that Satoko can have one last good night. This is what was referred to when Keeichi did the same thing to kill the uncle. After, he starts getting paranoid and talking about how Oyashiro wont forgive him, even though he's decided to stay because of it. Anyway, he tells his aunt about this cabinet thing thats out in the forest with a bunch of other thrown out crap, and she comes that night to get it, and he's right behind her with his bat. He beats the shit out of her and blood splatters everywhere and you find out soon after he smashed her face in so much that the police cant identify her body. After Shion helps Satoshi reserve a big stuffed animal for Satoko's birthday, Ooishi shows up wants to question Satoshi. Shion gets in the way and tells them who she really is, and then throws out some bullshit about her and Satoshi being at Angel Mort all night talking. The cops take her and Satoshi to the station anyway for individual questioning, once Shion is done she leaves only to see several members of the Sonozaki estate waiting for her. She asks where Kasai is, he's her bodyguard guy who helped keep her safe, and they dont respond. The men take her to the estate and she is escorted by Mion to the 'underground shrine' which is the torture room you have seen earlier in the series that Mion uses during the stabbing nails into Keiichi scene, har har. Anyway, after trying to stand up for herself, even Mion cant help her and she becomes quite serious. She explains that both Kasai and the uncle who was letting Shion work at his store under Mion's name are both behind the large doors in the room.

She ends up finally begging for forgiveness so that they wont hurt Kasai, the uncle, or Satoshi. Mion asks her how she will show her forgiveness, and decides for her bringing out the fingernail removing thing introduced earlier in the series as well. According to Mion, for each nail she tears off they will distinguish that repentance, so she has to tear off 3 nails. Anyway, she does it, and its painful, albeit not anywhere nearly as bad as people make it out to be. After that she goes back to town to work and Ooishi talks to her again. He tells her that he believes Satoshi killed his aunt and disappeared, and that he wasnt able to buy the stuffed animal for Satoko. Anyway, Kasai (who they really did let go without anything because she took off the nails) tells her that they found out there was someone imitating the murders of past years and that it wasnt Satoshi. Albeit, we saw it happen and saw that it WAS Satoshi, so blargh.

The next episode though, i believe Shion is going to kill Satoshi, cuz if you look its got her crazy face and it says something about her demon finally coming out. So yeah.

Higurahi no Naku Koro ni 16

Im an episode behind, meh, too bad. Ill get 17 done by today or tomorrow probably.

The Detective Chapter - First Love
Anyway, this is the beginning of the new arc thats going to replay the 2nd arc through Shion's eyes. So it starts off with Shion sneaking out of her boarding school and driving away with some awesome Yakuza guys from their family. She explains about how she was hated by the family because the 'rules' were to strangle one of the babies if there were twins, so as to make the whole 'whose gonna be heir' thing simpler. Anyway they shipped Shion off to a boarding school so she would be away from them, and took Mion to the main house to get her ready to become the heir to the Sonozaki Family. Shion isnt allowed to be in town, but she calls up her sister and they agree to have their uncle treat Shion as Mion while she works at his shop. After hearing about Oyashiro's curse and such, Shion asks Mion more about it and meets her in a library. Both being twins, they look exactly the same, but Shion being the disguise master she is, wears a gigantic blue hat so that noone can tell that the two long-green-haired girls with the same exact body and face are related. And it works perfectly. Later on though, Mion calls Shion and warns her that Oni-baba (lol) found out about Shion being in town and wants Mion to bring her to the house. Shion goes shopping, ends up knocking over some bikes infront of the store because they tore her bags open, and is then assaulted by Kishidan (minus one member) who speak only in the funny sounds japanese thugs can make. A kid who looks like a younger Keeichi but with blonde hair shows up and yells at the three guys, and before he gets the shit beat out of him a police man comes as well and the bikers run off. After that, the kid starts talking to Shion thinking its Mion and we are told that this is Satoshi.

After the half-way break Shion and Mion are talking on the phone again, and Shion learns more about Satoshi and his family, as well as Satoko. Then Shion goes to one of Satoshi's baseball games and brings some refreshments, and two random players stare at them with such amazement and awe that i can only imagine what kind of flavors she brought with her. Here she meets "The Director"/the doctor guy/the captain of the team. After a talk about how Satoshi's aunt it beating the shit out of Satoko more lately, Satoshi gets a symbolic out and after that game stopped coming to the games. On her way home from...somewhere at sometime, she runs into Rena, but she's Shion so she doenst know her. Anyway, it starts to rain as they meet up and so they wait at a bus stop, because as you all know, Japanese people melt if they get touched by rain. Rena explains Oyashiro's curse in her 'zomegs i experienced it and i was really fucking paranoid' way, and that Satoko is experiencing the feelings of the curse starting. After that, Shion decided to go to school in Mion's place one day and try to talk to Satoshi because she wants to be close to him. He basically tells her to fuck off in his own nice way, and then Satoko accidentally spills her Bento and starts crying for Satoshi. Shion flips the fuck out and throws her around and beats the shit out of her while everyone just watches, and then finally before she takes the chair to Satoko's head Rika and then Rena get in the way and keep her stuck with a chair over her head. Satoshi finally gets there and apparently elbows Shion so hard she goes flying into the wall and then yells at her while holding his sister. That night Shion calls Mion again and they talk about it, Mion's a little pissed that now everyone thinks she just beat the hell out of her friend but doesnt seem all that mad. And Shion wishes for Satoko and her aunt to disappear during this years festival. END.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Binbou Shimai Monogatari 04

A day of perfume, Asu, and open house.

The episode starts off with an old man watching his dog pissing, or doing all sorts of other things, all over a pole (the first screenshot). Other then that, Asu gets a letter and throws it away, Kyo finds it and its a letter from the school about Open House. Anyway, after the opening (Mom died and dad left us, boo hoo) Kyo remembers waiting for her dad to come to open house when she was younger, and how lonely she was when he didnt come. Later on, Kyo finds a lost wallet out infront of the apartment and Asu volunteers to take it to the police station (lets not look at the ID at all for some reason). It ends up being the yet-to-be introduced neighbor lady's and so Asu gives it back, and neighbor lady takes her to a restaurant for some cake. Asu declines in the end and makes them get a box to take it home to eat with Kyo, on the way back the neighbor asks questions about Asu and her family and such. Anyway, Kyo asks the neighbor lady to borrow a suit, and ends up with this pink one that shoots out little flowers because of the perfume that shot little flowers her. Yes, little flowers go shooting all over off of Kyo, poor girl. Anyway, as usual Asu finds a way to ruin everything for her older sister with her blatant disregard for Kyo's feelings, and tells her not to bother coming. After they go to the bath, Asu is all omg over how her sister smells like she should (ummm) and so Kyo understands that Asu just wants Kyo to be herself and not try to be a replacement mother or anyone other then herself. So she ends up going to the open house by leaving school early and shows up in her middle-school uniform, blarghles.

Anyway, next episode, the owner tells them to GTFO. Why? I dunno, but thats what next episode previews are supposed to do right?